I pray you don’t find yourself in someone and that you be careful who give your love to because its precious

This is my kind of night

Low lamplight.

Watching tv and tumblring.

Tea… ah.. you do no wrong.

I hate stuff that fucking waste my time.

17 Oct 2013 8:57am

I want to be able to rub my eyes without the worry of getting chimney dust on my fingers.
I want my eyes to glow by the sun and not be framed by black borders.
I want my eyelashes to express wonder and a flirty attitude and not emulate spider legs.
I want the glow of my cheeks to be stained by embarrassment, stress, and heat and not by an artificial product that fakes my happy day.
I want to be able to bite my lips and not taste plastic.
I want to feel the real emotion I’m feeling, I don’t want to hide behind accessories that taint my mind and body.
I am beautiful and I don’t need you.

Make me fall in love with you.

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